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Audio Creations is equipped with release level professional music production and mastering software. I use Ubuntu Studio coupled with top end Dell hardware.

I can compose, perform and master allowing me to take an idea from inception right through to release.


Martin Packwood

Hi, I'm Martin, proprietor of Audio Creations Limited. Technically I am a retired software engineer, but I consider myself more as a guitarist and composer these days. I did spend 10+ years of my youth gigging in the Birmingham area. If you remember me from the eighties, feel free to contact me below.

I have released original material and you can get it at all major on-line music stores including Spotify, Deezer, I-Tunes, Amazon and more. Just search 'Martin Packwood'.



Jazz guitarist Martin Packwood just released his first track entitled "Daydreamer", and it's a delightful tune that will take you back to the worry-free days of yesteryear. As you sit back and relax, you may lose track of time and not realize that the song comes in at just under 4 minutes. The gentle melody and overall mood of "Daydreamer" will melt away the aggravations of the daily grind and cause you to drift off into a blissful state almost like being in a trance, hence the appropriate title "Daydreamer"!! Here Martin lays down a lovely jazz chord progression played out by an easy going, soft and airy synth track, topped off with soothing guitars creating the ultimate laid-back groove.

Martin's performance/execution and the song's arrangement are top-notch, and I like how Martin utilizes a common jazz song structure, complete with alternate chords and refreshing turn arounds. Honestly I've listened to this track at least a half dozen times, and I just don't get tired of it! And the fact that this is an original composition makes it even better, the future is wide open for Martin.. this is an exciting start and I truly hope there's more to come.

A&R FACTORY (Oct 2021)

Martin Packwood is rather special with Jazz-inspired debut single ‘Daydreamer’. With his highly anticipated full album set for release in 2022, Martin Packwood soothes all our worries away with one of the most peaceful instrumental-only songs you will hear all year with ‘Daydreamer‘.

‘Daydreamer‘ from Jazz guitarist Martin Packwood, is a lovely piece of music from a highly experienced musician. After reconnecting the much-missed love for his true passion again recently, you feel this raw emotion inside his experienced fingers which absolutely transforms this wonderful single. There is much to hold onto here, as this ravishing riff is just so perfectly constructed with much love attached. Sometimes you just need to lather in peaceful ambiance, to break away from all of the distracting noise of this pollution-filled world.

Hear this delightful debut on Spotify.

VARIOUS (November 2021)

From the beginning of the song until the end I was completely mesmerized by the guitar and pads.

This song is super relaxing, and also gives off a groovy vibe at the same time. I honestly imagine myself using this to relax or to calm myself down when I’m stressed out.

This song has an angelic slow to it. It makes me feel as if I’m walking on pillows. The smooth electric guitar pacing and echo make you feel euphoric almost.

The distant feel of the song really captured my interest. I liked the slow and steady guitar and the background instruments lift it very nicely. I like the modern jazz feel to it.

The beat that is being held up with a simple kick drum is brilliant, all of the sounds work well together to create this calming piece of art.

Love the guitar and mix of light drumming in the intro. Great tempo. The guitar has a romantic sound to it with a mix of light blues. This song is enchanting and really beautiful.

The guitar sound used at the very beginning creates a very sexual and hot sound. I simply love the way that this song makes me feel. A truly beautiful and gifted song.

Nice chill intro, love the sound of the drums hitting softly in the background.

I love this soft mellow intro. The melody is soft like satin. The melody is beautiful and light. This flows so well, I love the gentle nature of the tune.

Wow! What a beautiful song.

AND (November 2021) ... you can't please everyone...

Eh not great. Its okay but far from my musical taste. too slow in the beginning, sounds too country. I hate country so this is not for me at all. For acoustic loves this could be okay for them. Not great overall, I don't like it.

... my personal favourite

You are fretting out on a couple notes. The guitar is out of tune as well. The vibe is pretty relaxed, but the playing isn't that great. Not much to this track except a guitar playing mostly the same riff, and it's out of tune pretty much the whole way.


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